High School & Primary School Education

CDM High School

CDM has access to multiple private and public Deaf schools on the island. We have opportunities to tutor, teach, mentor and conduct devotions at the high school and primary school levels. This is a great opportunity to show Christ’s love through practical means.

Through University Interpreting

CDM University

Jamaican Deaf are often marginalized and left behind. Jamaica does not have laws year mandating public and private institutions to provide interpreting for Deaf individuals. Tech in Kingston has recently opened its doors to the Deaf. We have an opportunity to partner with them to improve education by providing interpreting.

 Through the Deaf Church

CDM Church

The Deaf Church in Jamaica is struggling to grow and reach the youth. Still, there are some who are hungry to grow and learn what it means to truly follow Christ. We want to support the existing Deaf churches with teaching and discipleship and help plant more home churches so the Deaf can have fellowship without the difficult travel.

How Can You Help?

Would you consider how you can join us in this work?

  • Pray!

  • Financially support the Svoboda Family!

  • Come and Minister!

  • Sponsor local workers to help in ministry!

svoboda family