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What’s Happening in Kingston, Jamaica?

God is using our family to minister to others through the field of education.  Andy is working at the high school and university levels to battle the marginalization of the Jamaica Deaf Community.  The schedule this past semester was very busy with interpreting at UTech and teaching math at two different Deaf high schools.

I was recently asked, “Why are you so focused on education?  Didn’t you go to Jamaica to preach about Jesus?”  It was a good question.  The short answer is two-fold.  One, God opened all the doors that we are currently walking through.  We asked God to make us trust Him more.  Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into, but there is no denying that God was the one who guided us here.  Two, we firmly believe that the best way to “preach” to someone is to be the hands and feet of Christ to the people He has brought across our path.

What’s Up at the University?

University of Technology JamaicaWe are so grateful and excited about the relationship God has built with the University of Technology in Kingston.  UTech is excited too about working together to offer university training to the Deaf Community and to improve the quality of Deaf education in Jamaica.  We currently have two, full-time, Deafstudents attending.  Both students are working hard and doing well in their courses.

Andy is spending a majority of his time either interpreting or hiring interpreters at UTech.  The interpreting of university courses is just one way UTech is helping to remove educational barriers.


JSL Dictionary

DictionaryAndy is excited about the potential for working with UTech to create a Jamaican Sign Language dictionary.  Why is a dictionary important?  There is no authoritative “standard” for JSL.  Without it, it is very hard to move ahead with pushing the Jamaican government to officially recognize JSL as a language.  With a formally recognized language, we could push the Ministry of Education to allow JSL to be accepted in hearing high schools as a student’s foreign language requirement.  We could start to design stronger Deaf Education programs and maybe even start proper interpreter training programs.

Online Distance Learning

Andy was also asked by the Office of Distance Learning at UTech to work on making all their online learning materials “Deaf friendly.”  Having this material would be a great help to future, Deaf university students to learn the material at their own pace and in their own language.

How Can You Help?

While we are working with UTech to find funding to hire the interpreters their students need, Caribbean Deaf Ministries is currently covering the costs of hiring interpreters. (Andy can’t interpret himself for all the classes for two full-time students.)  Would you please consider giving a special gift to help offset the approximately $800US per month needed to provide interpreting for these students?

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  • Pray for the UTech students taking their finals this week.
  • Pray for the high school students taking their CXC (high school exit) exams next month.  They need good grades in these exams in order to move on to further training.
  • Pray for wisdom for our family as we begin discussing with Andrew his plans following high school.
  • Please pray for the process of renewing our visas.  We have experienced something of a hiccup and are asking God to show us how to proceed.

Svoboda Family

A group of ladies Michelle has been able to connect with.
Thank God for the fellowship!

Svoboda Family                         Svoboda Family

What a blessing to have Michelle’s dad and step mom visit in April!  It was great to have the fellowship and encouragement.

August 3, 2018 Fund Raiser

Mark your calendars for our fund raiser dinner happening on August 3rd at the Copper Top Restaurant in Valley City, Ohio.  This will be a great time to catch up on our ministry and learn about where we see God moving.  We will start selling tickets soon.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets to attend or would like to become a corporate sponsor for the event, please EMAIL us.

Can You Join Us?

We are glad we don’t have to ask for funding every time we talk, but the finances are at a point where we need to ask.

If we are to continue with the programs we are currently funding, we will need more financial partners.

Would you consider joining us in ministry by giving?  You can do so by going to
www.deafjamaica.comWe would also love to speak with you personally about giving.  Andy can be reached directly at

Update on Freedom School

Caribbean Deaf MinistryLast year we started an after-school program teaching Math and English to Deaf high school students.  Most of the students are progressing very well through the program and are diligent in their attendance and work.  Unfortunately, we had to eliminate the English program when our English teacher could no longer get transportation to the school.

How can you help?
The cost of the math software and rental facilities we are using is $25US per month/per student, of which the students and their families are covering about 1/2 of the cost.  Can you give towards this cost?  Maybe you could support the $80/semester cost of the Math software for a student for a semester?

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